Toughbook Arbitrator

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Toughbook Arbitrator is the next-generation Mobile Digital Video System combining state-of-the-art digital recording, and data-compression technologies to achieve the world's most advanced, reliable, and easiest-to-query incident documentation system.

Like all ruggedized Panasonic Toughbook products, the Toughbook Arbitrator is built to take whatever the hazards of the job dish out. In addition to a shock-resistant, anti-wear-coated, cast-magnesium case, the camera features a custom, multi-function mount that also serves as a heat sink to extend camera service life and improve operating stability.

  • Industry's first fully integrated all digital solid-state video system.

  • MIL-STD-810F tested for ruggedness.

  • MPEG4 compression for easy storage and fast wireless transmission of full-motion video files.

  • Digital cameras and microphones controllable locally or via in-car laptop.

  • Ruggedized 220X zoom camera with built-in infrared and 0.07 lux low-light capability.

  • Up to 128-hour (QVGA at 30fps) recording on twin, high-speed 16GB P2 memory cards.

  • Proprietary tamper-resistant technology for maximum evidence integrity.

  • 3 configurable archive types (P2, local HDD, external HDD).

  • 2 configurable file transfer types (Wireless, Ethernet).

  • Programmable automatic eight-way system-on trigger interface.

  • Captured Video and Audio Data is searchable by Time, Date, Office, Vehicle, Incident, Trigger, Event, Bookmarks (officer notes), and Extensive Captured Meta Data.

  • Open-system software ensures maximum compatibility and stability.

  • 90-second adjustable video buffer for both pre- and post- recording.

  • The system works in either a standalone capacity or interface with Toughbook notebook PCs.

The only pure-digital solution for law enforcement, anti-terrorism, public service, military, and private sector agencies needing real-time recording of events and incidents for possible use in legal proceedings, evaluations, and training, the Toughbook Arbitrator's solid-state digital recording system renders obsolete competing systems dependant on unreliable and easily manipulated mechanical recording media such as video tape and computer hard drives.

The Toughbook Arbitrator is a significant improvement over every other system available to automatically record, log, file and disseminate audio-video files from critical action sites. By eliminating videotape and hard-drive recording
hardware and adopting MPEG4 video-compression technology. Panasonic is able to give its Mobile Digital Video System up to 32 hours of full-motion video in individual files small enough to be securely transmitted to a back-end server over wireless networks with Toughbook-worthy reliability.