Panasonic Business Rugged -

Starting at 3.1 lbs., these slimline laptops have a super resilient magnesium alloy case, Wide area wireless-ready design and up to 9+ hours of battery life. They're engineered to handle the drops and bumps of daily life.

Panasonic Semi Rugged -

Wireless, tireless and tough, these laptops have the perfect blend of quick jab and knockout punch. These Toughbook computers combine the tough features of the fully-rugged line with the streamlined features of the business-rugged line.

Panasonic Fully Rugged -

The toughest line of Toughbook laptops. These durable laptops are certified to withstand shocks, spills, vibrations, dust, extreme temperatures and anything else you can throw at it. They take a beating, so your business doesn't.

Panasonic Vehicle Mounted Rugged -

The Arbitrator 360° is a rugged and durable mobile digital video system that can be used with or without a Toughbook® laptop. It is specifically engineered to excel in demanding environments such as law enforcement, where individuals face tough situations on a daily basis.

Built with legendary TOUGHBOOK® reliability, the fully-integrated system offers unparalleled video capture, storage & transfer, and is designed to work with back-end software for seamless video management, including archival and retrieval. Capture it all with the Arbitrator 360°